Boys off to a rocky start


Erik Rivas, Sports Editor

The boys varsity soccer team kicked off their season losing 2-1 against South Lakes. Every game after this scrimmage the boys played well but struggled to outplay the other teams.

The boys had three hard practices to prepare for the scrimmage.

South Lakes was able to score the first goal in the scrimmage. Matthew Parraga scored the atoms first goal of the season.

“It was unexpected and wouldn’t be possible without the work from everyone else,” senior Matthew Parraga said.

The players believe that their lack of practices was a major factor to their loss. As well as a lack of communication.

“I think it was our lack of communication and time we’ve spent with playing each other,” senior Jason Mercado said.

The team was lead by their captain senior Carlos Cabrera.

The Atoms were supposed to play Falls Church on March 8, but due to the weather conditions the scrimmage was canceled.

The boys played their first official game on March 11, this time with more preparation and practice as team. In a tight game against Edison the boys ended up losing 4-3.

The players who scored were Walter Villegas-Hernandez to tie the game 1-1. Then Ariel Patino and finally Andrew Izquierdo to make the score 4-3 with only 2 minutes left in the game.

The coach expressed how he feels about the season so far.

“The season is very young at the moment, but I see great potential in our soccer teams,” coach Tejas Patel said. “I look forward to seeing the Atom Nation coming out and supporting our team. We are going to try to do things a bit differently this year during our home games.”

Although the season has barely begun, the team has its strengths and weakness and things they could improve in practice.

“The team is in the process of getting its rhythm. Once they spend more time playing together, they will begin to get to know each other’s playing style, they will begin to work together as a cohesive unit,” Patel said. “The team’s strength is that there is a lot of talent that needs to be harnessed into playing as a team and for the team.”

The players have set personal goals and the coach has set goals for the team. They are looking forward on working hard in practices to accomplish these goals.

“Some goals of mine consist of improving as a player and a teammate in addition to scoring at least one goal throughout the season,” Mercado said. “Another goal would be to help my team win most of the games.”

“The goals for this season are for the team to excel both in the classroom and on the pitch,” Patel said. “I would like the team to have more wins then they did last year.”

The boys next played against Wakefield on March 15, looking to win their first game of the season. Also to turn around this shaky start to the season. The boys ended up losing by a score of 2-0.

“I’m expecting hard work from everyone and our first season win,” said Parraga.

The coach is looking forward to seeing the team have a great time on the pitch. As well as making seniors cherish and make memories this season so they never forget.

“I am looking forward to seeing the team having a great time on the pitch and seeing the Atom Nation supporting them,” said Patel. “For some of them, it will be the last time that they will be able to play at the high school level so I want them to take in the moment and cherish it.”

Their next game will be on March 22 against West Springfield, this is also their first home game. Then March 26 Justice.