Girls and boys tennis produce different results


Erik Rivas , Sports Editor

The girls tennis team recently won its game 5-4 against Mt. Vernon on March 28. They have also been victorious against Forest Park and Falls Church as well.

“I think that through all the games we have won, our hard work has been in display,” senior Araceli Cabrera-Ortuno said. “We have been practicing every day, not only getting better individually but as a team.”

The girls have managed to have a satisfying record of 3-3.

Head coach Hassan Mims of the girls team believes that one of their weakness is that the lineup doesn’t have much experience. He also believes that their strength is that the girls have heart.

“Our only weakness is half of our starting lineup is new – they did not start during previous seasons,” said Mims. “But they compensate for their lack of experience and being extremely competitive. Our biggest strengths are mental toughness and team chemistry.”

The boys tennis team won their game with a score of 5-4 against Mt. Vernon on March 28. Unfortunately for the boys this was their first game they won.

“Last game our team had a very good coordination while playing doubles and we made use of the drills we had in practice,” senior Kidus Asmare Ayele said.

This game they won could be a turn of events for the team. The team’s record so far is 1-5.

Lucky enough the boys still have time to improve for the district tournament.