Washington Football Team stuns NFL

On Dec. 8 going into Week 12 of the 2020 NFL season, where covid has taken its toll on every team across the league. There is now a sudden beam of light in a season filled with darkness for arguably one of the league’s worst teams, as the 4-7 Washington Football Team, upset the 11-0 Pittsburgh Steelers, with a score of 23-17.

The Steelers were the last undefeated team in the NFL before Monday night’s game, but now they’re mission to 16-0 was cut short by one of the last teams anybody would think could do so.
“I couldn’t believe it,” sophomore Piero Vernazza-Cortez said. ”Unfortunately, I was at basketball tryouts during the game so I couldn’t watch, but when I heard the news of the win I thought my friend was just joking. That was a great win for the Washington Football Team, it definitely gives us a ton of extra confidence going into the last couple games of the season where the NFC division leader is still up for grabs.”

Another big accomplishment for Washington Football Team fans is the recent play of their quarterback Alex Smith. In week 11 of 2018, the formerly known Washington Redskins played the Houston Texans, in the third quarter Alex Smith got injured. He had to undergo multiple surgeries to not only save his leg, but also to save his life.

In an interview with ESPN Alex Smith’s wife, Elizabeth told them, “Our first priority is we’re going to save his life. And then we’re going to do our best to save his leg. And anything beyond that is a miracle.”

Now he is starting and winning football games at the highest level. In the game against the Steelers he went 31/46 and threw for 296 yards. Now players around the league are calling for him to win the Comeback Player Of The Year award.

With only four games left in the 2020 NFL season and one of those games being a divisional game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Washington Football Team is still very much in the hunt for first place in the NFC East, as right now they sit in second place behind the 5-7, New York Giants.