No: summer assignments are not a good idea

Kavi Shamdin, Academics Editor

Students leave school on the last day with the impression that they will finally be stress less in terms of school work, just to find out they have summer assignments to get done; however, majority of these assignments end up pointless and forgotten.
A lot of assignments that we’re given to do over the summer end up ungraded and pointless considering they have nothing to do with the material we will be learning during that school year, junior Nicole Solis said.
Subjects commonly known to have summer assignments are English and Mathematics, as well as higher level Sciences. A lot of students may even attempt to switch out of a higher level class to get out of doing the summer assignment that is required.
The material that is given on the assignments is simply busy work that teachers want students doing so that material that has previously been taught is not completely forgotten, considering students are not expected to know material teachers plan on teaching during the upcoming school year.
None of the material we are given on these assignments is relevant to what we are learning during the school year, Solis added.
Lots of students get upset with the fact that even after nine hard months of working, they’re still expected to get things done over their break.
As if nine months of school aren’t enough, teachers expect students to get assignments done over their break as well, junior Tiana Reams said.
The first week of school consists of syllabuses and teachers claiming they’ll go over the assignments they gave over the summer, but in reality the assignments are completely forgotten.
Students are hardly motivated to get their assignments done during the school year, so during the summer they should be given the relief of not having anything school related to worry about, sophomore Karam Said said.
Break is literally defined to be a pause in work, so what makes teachers think giving students needless assignments is a logical thing to do?
It’s nine months of school and barely two months of break; just give us the two months to actually relax, sophomore Ayman Elhag said.
Upcoming high schoolers have enough to stress about with high school being such a drastic difference compared to middle school.
Between leaving middle and attending high school, freshman’s should be able to focus more on developing as a person versus worrying about school work, which is what they’ll be doing for the whole school year, freshman Anoosh Tauqir said.
It’s not only rising freshman stressing about it, but upperclassmen as well. Rising juniors and seniors have SATs and college applications to being worry about and little assignments that aren’t meant to further their education will be a nuisance and useless in the long run.