Classes continue to provide hands-on learning amid pandemic

Melanie Reyes, Anatomy
Senior Melanie Reyes just finished up an at-home lab activity for her Human Anatomy class. The activity involved gathering common household supplies and creating fake wounds. She then developed an explanation using anatomical terms for how the wounds occurred, where they were located and how they could be healed. The final products were then compiled into a slideshow presentation. “This lab was really fun and helped me in memorizing the anatomical terms,” Reyes said. “I also really appreciated being given a lab that didn’t require me to stare at my computer for hours.”

Dilan Yousif, Geography
Senior Dilan Yousif is currently getting ready to address the United Nations Development Program Task Force, or just pretending to. She will be creating a multi-media campaign around an issue currently facing global populations using examples from different nations. This project was set as a replacement for her Geography class’s unit assessment. “I feel like I’m taking the role of being a leader of a UNDP Task Force too seriously,” Yousif said. “I’m happy that I don’t have to take a huge test. With everything I have going on, I don’t think I could have done well.”

Eleanor Stenberg, Photography
Sophomore Eleanor Stenberg recently worked on a project that centered around the elements of photography. The assignment was to take pictures using different elements and create a slideshow showcasing what she captured. She was given an opportunity to get creative with her work and comprehend the information for herself. It also helped her adopt a better understanding of the photography basics. “This was different from all my other projects because I had to look around and use objects and different lighting around my house to be more creative,” Stenberg said.

Alexander Franzelas, Auto Tech
Recently, a certain number of students have returned to school to work with peers and teachers using a more hands-
on method of learning. Junior Auto Tech student Alexander Franzelas finds this to be very beneficial. For someone that will be entering the automotive learning environment, he feels he will be able to thrive once he physically gets to work. “It’s not like we can work on cars stuck in our houses,” Franzelas said. “It would have been really difficult for me to learn how to do oil changes and remove a seatbelt virtually.”