Talkin’ with Thonny – A senior with senioritis

Dear Thonny,

I got into my dream college and am so excited to begin the next chapter of my life. Sadly, I still have to finish the current school year which sucks because my senioritis is at its peak. I have no motivation. I’m tired of school, especially because it’s virtual. I keep falling asleep and can’t make myself care about my grades. Please help me cure my senioritis, I still want to finish off my senior year with a bang.

A senior with senioritis

Dear senior with senioritis,

Congratulations on getting into your dream college. I am extremely sorry you are suffering from senioritis. I don’t want to alarm you, but this may potentially turn into a lethal condition if left untreated. Fret not, though, because I am someone who is an expert on this disease and I have plenty of advice on how to help you remedy it.

Slacking off senior year can be so, so tempting now that the pressure of getting into college is gone, but it is important to not let go of your drive and motivation. With the end of high school just around the corner, it is important to finish strong. This year can be extremely productive and satisfying when approached with the right frame of mind.

You shouldn’t start caring less about your grades because colleges do look at your final ones, and if there is a huge drop in your performance, they will question if you are ready to attend college. Your grades dropping might make them put you on probation, reduce financial aid, or revoke your acceptance. Don’t give them a reason to go back on their decision!

Start by setting specific goals for yourself. The more goals you have the easier it will be to maintain motivation. What grades do you want in each of your classes? What GPA do you want to graduate with? What skills do you want to improve on before heading off to college?

College is a lot more academically challenging than high school. You will need really good study skills to succeed in classes, so use this last year of high school as you prepare for your first year of college. Work on note-taking, time management, and your writing. Improve them now so you can get ahead in college.

That’s not to say you can’t have fun. You deserve a break for all the long hours I’m sure you put in to earn admission to your dream school. You just need to find that line between risky behavior and rewarding yourself.