Talkin’ with Thonny – A scared IB student

Dear Thonny,

I was really relieved to hear that IB exams were canceled, but now I’m stressed again. Since my IB score is now only based on my internal assessment and the predicted grade my teacher gives me, I’m worried I’m not going to end up getting a good score and that I won’t earn college credit for my IB classes. What should I do?

A scared IB student


Dear scared IB student,

I am going to be very straightforward. You are stressing yourself out way too much. I’m pretty sure if the exams weren’t canceled, you would still be stressing about studying for them.

It seems to me you have put yourself in a lose-lose situation, which is not good. If you keep on acting like this, you’re always going to be stressed. It sucks that the relief you felt about the exams being canceled didn’t last long because many others are still celebrating it. It sucks even more how you don’t seem to ever give yourself a break.

There are some times in life when you just need to stop creating unnecessary tension to worry about. A powerful snow queen from the beautiful land of Arendelle once said “Let it go!” which is what you need to do. By taking this advice, I believe your mind will be at peace which will then allow you to write your IAs in the right state of mind.