Study habits vary amongst students

School is back in action, and the transitional whiplash has been hitting hard. Since virtual learning last year, many things have changed for students, one of which includes study habits.
Many students found that during virtual learning, it was much easier to study and complete assignments.
“When I was in quarantine [when we did virtual school] I actually studied and actually I wrote down notes. I was a very good student,” freshman Liam Kessler said. “When I went back to school everything was on the computer so I couldn’t really write anything down. So it’s been a bit difficult.”
Online school provided a way for students to remain organized. Due to all assignments being online, students’ work was easily accessible and all in the same place.
“One of the advantages of being online is that you have everything together, which made it easier to push yourself to study,” senior Christian Khouri said. “Almost on the inverse of that, when you’re here you get pushed through many different things and you don’t feel like you have time. You’re too disoriented almost in the wake of changing everything.”
Some students have found that in-person learning has improved their study habits.
“It’s a lot better, I feel like I’m learning better,” sophomore Phillip Ray said. “When I was in virtual, I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t do anything. [The teachers] weren’t able to help you like they do in person.”
Being back to in-person school, resources are more readily available for students to use and teachers are better able to help their students.
In-person school is also helping students stay motivated and complete their assignments on time.
“My study habits are slowly changing for the better.” junior Damien Johnson said. “I was a major procrastinator but now I’m actually getting my work down and having good grades in class.”
With the challenges of the previous years still fresh in their memories, and the impending challenges ahead, many students are looking forward to being in person this year and getting to have a fresh start.
“It feels amazing being back in person,” Johnson said. “After sophomore year I screwed up big time in terms of grades. I want to make up for it this year and do excellent in all my classes.”