Is meal prepping the new 2020 trend?

On social media, meal prep seems to be an amazing idea with a whopping 5.5 million posts with the hashtag #mealprep and one million with the hashtag #foodprep.

Experts say that meal prep can be a very beneficial way of staying healthy while maintaining a diet at the same time.
The more time people spend carefully planning out their meal prep, the better their results will be.

“The main disadvantage people may come across is the time is takes to cook the meals and having to buy the ingredients for the week in bulk,” junior Aaron Saurez said.

Often when meal preppers prepare their food, they usually include fruits and vegetables with a lot of protein.

Most people who meal prep are less likely to eat out or snack since there is already a meal made in their fridge and they also tend to spend less money on food.

A study in 2017 was held in France about meal prep. They believed that if 40,000 people meal prepped they most likely would not be overweight and would paid closer attention to health guidelines.

In the survey, they said that they are most likely to eat a variety of foods over the week rather than having the same meal each way, the way most people see meal preps.

“I honestly think meal prepping is really good because it keeps you organized while keeping you healthy at the same time,” junior Sarah Gonzalez said.

Another key element to meal prep is portion control. If you’re able to portion your food correctly, then you’ll be able to lose weight easier or maintain a healthier diet.

A recent study shows that portion control and weight are directly linked.

Researchers stress the idea of including water-based fruits such as melons, pineapples and peaches.

They also recommend staying away from fast foods and candies.
When meal prepping not only is it easy to keep track of what you’re eating but it’s easy to stay away from tempting foods you may regularly eat.

Although, some healthy food bloggers are against meal prepping. This is because they do not enjoy counting every calorie and have claimed that it has turned into a chore.

Meal prepping can also help irregular snacking. You have a set meal so there’s no room for unhealthy snacks. However, you can also meal prep occasional snacks like apples, grapes and fruit juices.

“People should meal prep more often because it helps you save time and money,” junior Miriam Esquivel said, “it also keeps you from snacking since you already have a meal on hand.

People often mistake meal prepping for eating the same meal every day however you can make a variety of meals and alternate each day.

If you are committed to eating healthy every day and cooking your meals every Sunday then you could maintain a very healthy diet.

While meal prepping you’re able to track your nutrients and what you’re eating which helps you make sure that everything going into your body is healthy and full of nutrients.

So is meal prep actually healthy? As long as you are doing it the right way and gaining all the nutrition you need, yes it is healthy.