The winter weather may be freezing, but students’ packed lunches won’t be

On Jan. 22, the AHS administrators announced that 2 microwaves will now be in the cafeteria. These microwaves, located near the food lines, will be open for student use during lunch time. Students who bring lunch can bring their food up freely and heat up their food anytime during their lunch period.

According to the Systems of support advisor Brent Roberson, the sole reason AHS has decided to have these microwaves is for the students. “It’s a need for the school,” Roberson said. 

“The microwaves are a good idea because it allows students to heat up food,” sophomore Tara Corocoran said. “it gives a chance for students to show they are responsible and respectful towards what the school provides for the students.”

Giving student’s microwave access allows them the benefit of bringing more options of food, that may be frozen or just taste better warm. The benefits aren’t just limited to foods though. With a microwave, students could also get hot water and make tea or coffee. 

“I think that if students were given access to microwaves in the cafeteria then they could have a wider range of options for lunch, and a lot of those could be healthier,” Liam Mcginity said. “However if left unsupervised, some students could create a potentially dangerous situation.”

Mcginity brings up the valid point that students may end up abusing this privilege. It is in a highschool after all, a place where maturity is not always present. Despite this, administrators are confident in their decision and believe students will make the right choice.

Administrator John Jennison said, “We’ve got great kids here. We trust the population here. If it ends up being abused, it’ll probably end up getting taken away.”