Four easy ways to stay active

Since the rise of COVID-19, people have been forced to avoid the gyms and consequently, they have had to adjust their exercise routines as well. 

As a result, they have started working out from home in order to keep staying active, which is especially important now that most of us are always at home.

The human body is designed to constantly move around, so even taking a walk or biking can be both mentally and physically liberating. 

Another reason staying active is especially important right now is because exercise keeps your immune system healthy. 

More importantly, exercising is a great way to relieve stress. It is beneficial for the body, mind, and spirit.

If you find yourself feeling unmotivated to start, try not to think of it as exercise because then it will feel like a chore. Instead, just consider it “movement.” 

Although we are advised to avoid gatherings, we can still easily get the exercise we need by improvising. 

Here are a few easy workouts to help you stay fit and safe. 


Look for an empty space to do some squats and luckily for you, they can be done just about anywhere. This exercise is a great example of muscular strength and has several health benefits such as strengthening your core and lower body muscles, boosting athletic ability and strength, and risking injury. 


Similar to squats, planks are also fairly easy to do and can be done anywhere as well. They are one of the best core exercises and are essential in creating a good workout routine. Aside from that, planks are also important in improving your posture and ridding of back pain. 

Jump rope

Because jump rope is a great alternative for running, it can be considered as a cardio activity. This is because it helps burn more calories than practically any other form of cardio. Along with that, it helps improve coordination since it requires more skilled movements such as quickly swinging the rope.  


Like jump rope, running up and down a set of stairs is also another beneficial form of cardio. Because running forces you to put more pressure on your feet, stair climbing might be better because it offers less impact to the body. Stair climbing also helps to build endurance and improve your balance.