Seniors decide on their college bucket lists

College entails some of the best years in a person’s life. Seniors going to college should start to consider what they want to accomplish before graduation because experimenting is part of the college experience. Most AHS seniors are headed to college with nothing on their minds except the numerous hours of studying and learning ahead. However, others are starting to decide their number one thing they want achieve to start their college bucket list. Thoughts range from the conservative and relaxed to the extreme.

Going to college close to home can be lackluster; therefore many AHS seniors want to travel to exotic destinations to get away from home.

I want to travel overseas to Korea,” senior Deborah Tong said.

If traveling is at the top of your bucket list, then going abroad for a couple of semesters is a great way to see and reflect on the world while balancing academics. Traveling opens doors to different cultures and experiences that can’t be found otherwise in the U.S.

A couple of seniors are willing to try things that are out of the ordinary to spice up their life in college. They want to let loose and take advantage of the privileges that they have after turning 18.  

We want to go skinny dipping!” seniors Teeya Pham and Eric Stavenjord said.

In addition to living up the fun college lifestyle a couple of seniors choose to pursue their athletic dreams.

I’m looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully winning championships in baseball,” senior Nolan Gilbert said.

I’m playing lacrosse, [it’s] a higher level in college,” senior Daniel Turcios said.

In addition to seniors wanting to fulfill their bucket list in athletics, certain seniors want to put fine arts at the top of their bucket list. In other words, they want to make good use of their talents while in college.

[I want to] audition for GMU’s a cappella group because I want to continue singing in college, senior Katerina Magiafas said.

College can be stressful yet rewarding at the same time. No matter what AHS seniors prefer in their college bucket lists, it’s important create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.