Fall arrives

Autumn is a very liked season among multiple individuals for lots of good reasons. Whether it’s because the weather is a sweet and soft balance of the hot summery glow of the sun, and the chilling breezes of winter, it sure feels like a great atmosphere all around.

It could be based on the light, airy and textured leaves falling from the trees, or the warm colors in the climate consisting of red, orange, yellow, green and brown. It could be the overall cozy feeling of the season with the holiday occurrences.

The Halloween season being filled with more chills and adrenaline and being a loved holiday by many because of the silly, and innovative costumes, and the spooky decorations on every front porch. Filled with tints of orange, black and green, and an uprising in pumpkins bought. It is also very adored because of the crafts and desserts around this time of year, and gatherings.

The thanksgiving holiday takes place around this time. The seasonal foods during the feasts, including turkey, ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, etc. The best feelings around this time are filled with the adrenaline rush of horror movies, the holiday excitement shared by multiple individuals.

“I enjoy the Fall season the most because of the weather and because of holidays, like Halloween.” freshman Amena Amin said.