Personalized iPhone cases


Students love to decorate their iPhones with a wide range of cases that represent their unique personalities

The world is filled with endless possibilities of colors. Color influences a person’s character, personality, and behavior.

Perhaps the most noticeable presence of colors and designs are on student’s iPhone cases.

Since iPhones (with the exception of the iPhone 5C)  are available in only black and white, the gloomy and painfully unexciting look of metal prompts students get be creative with their devices with the use of cases. Students enjoy decorating their iPhones with cases that often represent their personality and preferences.

Students who have an overly protective personality often decorate their devices with Otterboxes or other sturdy cases. On the other hand, students with bubbly personalities adore covering their phones with cases that have bright colors such as baby blue or hot pink. Meanwhile, students that have sophisticated taste often decorate their iPhones with cases that have intricated designs and patterns.

Some students choose to go without phone cases, which is an indicator of their daring and carefree personality.

Different colors also symbolize different emotions and ideas that exist in everyday life. Primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue represent strong personalities. For instance, red characterizes a person that has a cheerful and vibrant personality, coupled with confidence and courage.

On the other hand, bright colors such as green, pink, and magenta personify a person’s place in the world. Green gives a person a sense of belonging and security, as well as representing nature and life as a whole.

“I really like lime green and electric blue. I like them because everything around me is so full and boring. I need these colors to liven things up,” sophomore Autumn Yang said.

Students sometimes connect their favorite color to their personal interests.

“[My favorite color] light purple represents passion. There’s a lot of stuff that I’m passionate about such as art and piano,” sophomore Julia Nguyen said.