Should lockers still be a necessity?

They need to go

Ave Clyburn, Staff Writer

Junior Kyle Dalsimer has no clue where his locker is.
He has had no need to use it for months. Dalsimer is not alone as many students feel the same way.
Lockers in the school building are turning out to be a waste of space, and are often only used by freshmen and sophomores.
“Lockers are only used by underclassmen to use it for PE, no other grades use them,” sophomore Deby Cruz said.
Lockers are no longer a need for students. Getting from class to class from one side of the school to another is already a journey in itself, so having to make time-consuming stops between classes only makes the trip longer.
“My classes are far away from each other and I always talk to people in the hall,” sophomore Michael Zepeda said.
Along with taking time in between classes and risking being late, there is not a lot of space in lockers.
They are designed to only fit a school bag and few other things. Besides that, it is as good as useless.
“The lockers we have are too small to fit everything I need to bring to school,” sophomore Savannah Gravitt said.
Lockers don’t provide a lot of space but they sure do take up a lot of space.
The hallways are already jam-packed as it is with some students hustling to get to class and others standing in the middle of the halls socializing.
“When the freshmen do use lockers, they make it harder for other students to get through the halls,” sophomore Veronica Gonzalez said.
Now that students are all issued laptops, there’s no need to keep textbooks in lockers since they can be found online.
With laptops and less paper for homework and classwork, there’s less to carry in a bag.
“People don’t use them anymore because they have everything they need in their backpack and just carry it around all day,” senior Joseph McCoy said.
Student-athletes and band and orchestra members are given two to three lockers.
Not all of them are even being used. Too many lockers equal too many combinations and not enough memory.
“I forgot my locker combination as soon as I got my sports locker for cross country,” sophomore Hakim Idris said.