Protect your pockets on Prom night

Yabi Bereket, Lifestyles Editor

Although it is typically the most magical night for many seniors, Prom night could also be a funeral for students’ wallets.
Prom night is one of the last gatherings that seniors can attend all together, before finally steering off into new, unvisited territory of college life.
Even though Prom is a lot of fun to attend, looking at your bank account the next day and realizing you have spent a large amount of money on only one night could leave some worried.
Following these tips could help you save money and use it wisely so that you won’t have a thing to worry about.
1 dine at home with friends
Wanting to dine out Prom night is a tradition followed by many students, but the bill you have to pay at the end could be more than expected- especially since people tend to go to fancier restaurants for Prom.
An alternative solution to this is having a dinner hosted at home! Most people tend to meet up at each other’s houses during Prom to get dressed and ready together, so most of you will already be at your destination.
All it takes is a couple quick and easy dishes to get the job done, and you’ll be ready to go. By doing this, the chaos of restaurants and expensive bills will easily be avoided and will be one less expense to worry about for the night.
2 rent out a dress
Secondly, rather than buying a Prom dress (which under most cases could cost more than $100), the most inexpensive thing to do is rent a Prom dress either online or in-store. By doing this, you’ll be able to wear the dress for that one spectacular night and look good, and can return it afterwards when you’re finished wearing it. Looking at these places for a dress to wear will prove to be worthy because the dresses look just as amazing as the full priced ones, but you’d only be paying half that price.
On top of that, Prom dresses are usually only worn once for the sole purpose of that night, so you don’t have to let the dress gather dust in your closet.
3 rent out a nice car
Next, another norm among many seniors is renting a limousine for Prom night. Although this is a flashy and glamorous way to arrive on the scene, renting out a limo for the night could cost up to $200 every hour you have it. In order to save money, these unnecessary expenses should be avoided.
Splitting the cost with friends first could help solve the issue, but renting a car for the same amount of time would cost much less. And splitting the price among friends for the car is also a budget-friendly way to save your money.
Under some cases, the limo will only be used to get home and to the dance, so renting out a limo which will not be in use for a majority of the time it’s rented will be a waste.
4 free photos from friends
Getting Prom pictures taken with your group of friends is another highlight of the night, and some people end up getting a professional cameraman to take their pictures for them. This is another tradition which is added to the long list of Prom norms, and another expense which would be added to your growing list.
An easy solution and another way to save some extra pocket cash is get a friend or family member to take the photos for you. Photography class is an elective that is offered, so if you have a friend who’s in the class, then that’s a bonus for you!
If you have a friend or family member who’s willing to put in the time for free, then it’s also less of a hassle to plan.
5 save money on makeup
Having your makeup done to perfection is another aspect which helps put your night together. If you want to try and save some cash, a good idea is to look into local cosmetology schools in the area which will do your makeup for a fraction of the cost that a professional would charge you.
By doing this, you’ll be able to get your makeup done at a reasonable price, and you could also get your hair done too.
Cosmetology schools do both hair and makeup, so it’s worth checking them out and see how they can help.