Pink Silk Review

Ave Clyburn, Staff Writer

Annandale is a school full of diverse, talented people. One of those talented people is sophomore songwriter Kanoosh Soloki or also known as “Thrillakayy”, Soloki wrote and sung her song called “Pink Silk” that you can hear for free on SoundCloud right now.

Soloki’s song has themes a lot of teenagers experience now including toxic relationships.

“What inspired me was a relationship I was in at the time,” said Soloki. “It’s about a guy, I wrote it in a way where everyone could relate because I know everyone has that one person that’s hurt them or put them through a lot in a relationship”.

She continued saying “It was a relationship I was in for a couple of months and we were having issues and we didn’t really see eye to eye so it got to the point where there really was no point for us to continue the relationship”.
“If anyone asked what to do in a toxic relationship,” said Soloki. “I would tell them to not feel like they can’t leave because nothing lasts forever”.
If you’ve already heard Thrillakayy’s song and enjoyed it and you are hungry for more, you will have to wait for her next few songs.

“Yes I have a lot of things coming soon,” said Soloki. “I will continue to write music.”
Soloki enjoyed writing “Pink Silk” and said writing and singing music is “definitely my passion”.

Soloki had a lot of positive feedback and support while producing and dropping the song.
As the singer-songwriter thinks about her future there’s nothing stopping her. “I definitely could see it as my career,” said Soloki. “But there is a lot of competition.”

Thrillakayy’s song was produced by Junior Beatz another high school student who goes to Edison.

“Junior Beatz has thousands of views on his beats on SoundCloud. A lot of people pay him to produce his beats,” said Soloki. “He’s going to Toronto for a Battle of The Beats where the best of the best go to win a grand prize.”

On writing, singing and producing “Pink Silk” Soloki said, “It was a really chill process, I wrote the song back in August, then I hit up my producer and I recorded it in his dining room”.

Although Thrillakayy wrote the lyrics and sang she said: “No I didn’t write the music, I found it off of Youtube and it’s by TayTay productions”.

Surprisingly, writing the song wasn’t a huge problem for her. “It took me about a day to write the song and it took me about 10 minutes to get it recorded,” said Soloki. “It’s not difficult for me to write lyrics but it’s not necessarily easy either”.

On why she titled her song “Pink Silk” Soloki said “Pink silk is the first line in the song so I just thought it would be a cool name”

Soloki made her song very public to make sure as many people as possible could listen. ““I got the word out over social media back in August,” said Soloki. “I posted on Instagram that I’d be dropping a song.”

Soloki felt very uneasy before she dropped the song.

“I was really nervous because I wasn’t sure how people would react to it and I wasn’t ready to hear the negative feedback if there was going to be any because I had worked so hard on the song,” said Soloki

After dropping the song Thrillakayy was happy to realize that her song is doing really well.

“There’s been nothing but positive feedback and they’ve been really excited and a lot of people have messaged me and told me how much they enjoyed it, cried to it and related to it,” said Soloki.

All over social media platforms there was a “Pink Silk” countdown to the release date.

“I actually wasn’t the one who started it. My best friend sophomore Kai-Li Cook, found a picture of pink silk and wrote 8 days and everyone started doing it counting down the days and that basically started catching on. That’s where all the clout came from basically”.

When it comes to anyone asking for advice on songwriting Thrillakayy says “I would tell them to never give up because it is a long and difficult process but if you push through you will succeed and reach your goals”.

“Yes ma’am Thrillakayy is my official stage name,” said Soloki. “Some people already call me that in the hallway.”

If you see Kanoosh Soloki in the hallway, don’t be afraid to call her by hip, urban stage name. Thrillakayy is keeping her next song low key, but she did say “No spoilers for my next song, but the title is ‘Pariah’”.