Alumni Postcard

Ravyn Hankinson


Soulisa Pathammavong, People Editor

Background: Graduated in the class of 2015. She was involved in SGA, track, and cheer.

College life: Attends Radford University, is majoring in Social Work and wants to work in a children’s hospital.

Favorite class: International studies.

Best thing about college: Getting to meet so many new people, still being able to cheer and getting involved in other organizations.

Biggest fear at college: Failing a very big exam that could have a heavy impact on her grade.

What I miss about AHS: All my teachers, coaches, and friends. Also my old job (Activities Office Manager) and desk in Coach Scott’s office.

Advice to graduating seniors: Don’t worry about going off to college! Yes it’s scary at first but it really is the best years of your life as cliche as that sounds. Just make sure you keep your grades up so you can go to the school you want. Always go to your counselor, an administrator, a teacher, a coach, or Mr. Villatoro if you have any questions or need any help prepping for college. They’re all there to help you succeed!