Snow ceases senior parking

Fairfax County may have returned from its recent break, but AHS is still recovering from the snow. While teachers are concerned about catching up, students are worrying about parking spots. Ossian Park was already blacked off before snow due to construction. The school has been working over the break to clear the senior lot, making parking available to some upper classmen students. However, students who park elsewhere are out of luck.

This has upset students such as senior Nathan Clayton who said, “I think [that] it’s ridiculous! It’s such a pain because we paid $200 to park on these spots and can’t use them.”

Fortunately, an email was sent out by Principal John Ponton telling parents that “student parking on Four Year Run would resume” by the morning of Thursday, Feb. 18. Lack of parking has left many students without rides, leaving it up to busses and parents. This problem has caused major overcrowding in the streets school with traffic backing up all the way to main roads.

AHS is not the only school in Fairfax County that has been having parking issues for students.

“Our parking is messed up a lot; we don’t have a junior lot now and have to go to school really early since there are barely any senior spots,” said Woodson high school sophomore Morgan Willard.

Students all over the county are without school parking. The parking situation has also caused class tardiness in many students. It has resulted in upset students and parents as well as backed up traffic. Hopefully, the parking situation will be fully resolved by Thursday as prognosticated by administration.