IB scores to be released to students

Seniors recently finished their last IB exam. The details for accessing the IB scores have been released.
“I know the scores can not affect me with college so I don’t really care what I get,” senior Grant Yungner said. “I still want to do good on them, so I can get credit for the HL classes. The tests were kind of exhausting and I am glad that they are over.
Students and parents will be getting a letter in the mail that has the pin and password to access the scores. Scores will be posted after July 6.
“My college does not accept IB credits and I’m not too concerned with the scores,” senior Madeline Dosen said. “I did not really study for the tests, so I am not expecting great scores. I’m interested to see what I got though.”
Students are asked to take a picture of their pin and password so as to not lose it. All seniors that filled out the senior survey will have their IB transcript sent to the school they listed in the survey.