10 things to keep in mind while Trick-or-Treating this weekend


10 things to remember while TRICK-or-treating

  1.     If it ain’t three, it’s not meant to be- Always travel in a herd of three or more while trick-or-treating this Halloween; more friends means more fun!
  2.     Lights will guide you home- Take a flashlight and be sure to wear lit or fluorescent clothing as you walk through the midst of the darkness this Friday night.
  3.     Be aware of Stranger Danger- Be cautious when it comes to neighborhoods without streetlights. Try and stay in neighborhoods where you are familiar with the area. It doesn’t hurt to plan a route before heading out!
  4.     If it’s unwrapped, you are trapped- Don’t be that kid that eats their candy without checking for expiration or unsealed wrappers. Also throw out any suspicious “treats” found in your bag.
  5.     Never leave a bowl of candy outside your house- If you don’t celebrate Halloween or if you are just simply lazy, don’t leave a bowl of candy outside your house. Children don’t get all dressed up to see an empty bowl at someone’s front door with instructions saying to “Please take one”.  A bunch of little ghosts will arrive at your door and you will never see that bowl again.
  6.     Drop the bucket, take the pillow case- A pillow case is a great substitute to a candy bucket and allows you to increase your amount of candy intake; the more the merrier!
  7.     Dress for success- Check the weather before heading out and dress accordingly! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you walk long hours of the night.
  8.     Tinkle before you wrinkle- Be sure to use the bathroom before beginning your journey through the woods. Last thing you want to do is have to tinkle in a bush—ew!
  9.     Only trick or treat where you are welcomed (Houses are lit)- If houses aren’t decorated or lit, it probably means your presence is unwanted. Be respectful and don’t waste your time at dark houses.
  10.  Save and Trade- Save your candy until the end of the night so you and your buds are able to swap for your favorite treats! Don’t forget to have A-Blast!