Students make their impact on the environment

Green Atoms work to reduce their carbon footprint


Julie Nguyen

30, on average, Green Atoms members work to keep their garden growing every week.

Pumpkins, green kale and tomatoes are just a few of the plants that live in the garden behind the library.

These edible plants are curated by the Green Atoms. Meeting every Wednesday after school, the Green Atoms work to make Annandale greener.

Students ranging from all grades work to solve current problems in the environment at Annandale.

“The garden serves to teach students how to grow a garden and keep the school beautiful,” Green Atoms garden master, senior Mariatu Kamara said.

The  garden is only in service in the spring and summer, and remains closed in the winter and some of fall.

This year, the group plans to include adding more edible plants, ad possibly a butterfly garden to diversify the garden.

While the Green Atoms are also working to come up with solutions to reduce the climate change, they try to make sure that Annandale understands the issue and takes steps to reduce thier carbon footstep.

“Our goal primarily is to keep Annandale clean and environmentally sound,” Green Atoms president, senior Ismail Ahmed said.

In order to do this, AHS has several recycling bins placed around the school and at least one in each classroom. The purpose of the bins is to encourage students to recycle when they can.

“Annandale HS does encourage students to be environmentally conscious because we have recycling bins posted everywhere more than there are trash bins,” Ahmad said.

Each week a variety of students come to participate, some just come for the community service, others are fully committed members, that come every week faithfully.

The students work to increase awareness of environmental issues, and continue to put in labor to go around and clean up the school.

Students of the club also work to keep Annandale clean and eco-friendly by collecting bottles for recycling every Wednesday.

“By recycling, the Green Atoms keep Annandale’s environment clean, and seeing us makes students and teachers aware of their environment, and the trash they leave behind,” Kamara said.

The Green Atoms is an easy way for teens to be involved in environmental protection to reduce the effect Annandale has in harming Earth.

The Green Atoms students realize that a lot of times students don’t see global warming as an issue of an importance.

However, the members see that the club is a great way for students to learn about the environment and to be more aware.

“It’s important for students to be involved in these activities so they grow a norm to it. Students here are our world’s future. If they learn to be environmentally protective, then they will continue to live like that for the rest of their lives and make our earth a better place to live [in],” Ahmad said.