Yearbook editor photographs rapper Shy Glizzy, among others


Christian Reyes, Entertainment Editor

Abu Elsadeg isn’t your typical high school student. He wakes up early, eats breakfast, goes to school, and works away on the school’s yearbook. Then he rushes home, grabs his camera, and drives to one of his favorite rapper’s private mansion party.

This wasn’t always the case though. It all started last year, when Elsadeg decided to invest in a professional camera.

“A lot of my close friends saw it as something to have fun with,” Elsadeg said. “I could take tough flicks (pictures) of them and get them a lot of likes on social media like my friend Idris.”

By taking pictures of his friends first, Elsadeg was gaining experience and having fun with photography at the same time.

Later on, when he felt like he had the necessary experience, he began reaching out to smaller artists through Twitter direct messages. After building his portfolio, he then direct messaged big name rappers like WillThaRapper and Shy Glizzy and impressed their managers with his work.

Shortly after, he was jumping backstage with Shy Glizzy and snapping pictures, or having dinner with E Glizzy, a member of Glizzy Gang and Shy Glizzy’s entourage.

One of Elsadeg’s pictures even got published to WillThaRapper’s Instagram account, which has more than 50,000 followers. Elsadeg also received a free sweatsuit from Smiley Glizzy’s brand, Jawara.

Throughout all his crazy experiences, Elsadeg remains humble. He plans to photograph bigger rappers, and is currently in the works with rapper Playboi Carti.