Netflix rolls out new shows

Netflix rolls out new shows

With March well under way new shows and movies have already come out for the popular streaming service Netflix. Throughout the month there are a total of 91 new shows and movies arriving on Netflix for viewers to watch and binge whilst the world is still very much in the shadow of the Coronavirus.  

Everyday for the rest of the month, Netflix is releasing at least one new show/movie on their platform. From classics to brand new films to Netflix Originals, the streaming site is full of top-notch movies, documentaries, and comedies. 

Out of all the exciting new shows and movies coming to Netflix this month, two major titles are standing out above the rest. One being the fan favorite Netflix Original documentary, Last Chance U, and the other being another Netflix original series, The One.

This is the sixth season of Last Chance U but the first season starting a basketball team instead of a football team. The previous seasons have been at East Mississippi Community College for two seasons, Independence Community College in Kansas for two seasons, and then Laney College in Oakland for just a season. Now Netflix have traveled to East Los Angeles College to document and provide those kids the second chance they deserve to fulfil their major college basketball potential. 

The main and stand out character for this season would have to be head coach of the East Los Angeles College huskies, John Mosley. Mosley’s passion and determination for winning is unmatched and inspiring for viewers and his players. 

“I really like this season of last chance you,” sophomore Keyshawn Stancil-Anderson said. “I like it because it’s casting my favorite sport basketball into a series. I would say my favorite character is KJ because he dunks on people, and is a great person outside of basketball.” 

Imagine you lived in a world where dating apps automatically matched you with the love of your life. That’s the dilemma at the center of The One, Netflix’s new sci-fi series about finding love, relashonships, and murder. Since being released on Netflix on March 12 the eight episode first season is already number three on Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. 

In the show Rebecca Webb (Hannah Ware) is the CEO of the app The One. An app that promises to find your perfect match through DNA analysis. Webb says that she is tired of mediocre relationships and heartbreak and just wanted the love of her life. So she develops an app and believes matching through DNA is the absolute best way to ensure the most perfect relationship. 

“It’s a very interesting plot for a show,” sophomore Marcelo Pozo said. “I think this show has a lot of potential to be an even more popular show as new seasons come out they keep it entertaining. I just like how I don’t think I have seen any other show or movie like this one.”

March has been and will continue to be a great month for avid movie and show lovers on the Netflix platform. Giving a wide variety of shows and movies in all genres for people to sit down and watch to try and relax during these tough times.