Do video games interfere with school?

Video Games are really fun and addicting, but sometimes it can affect academic performance. Students should have a balance between school and video games in order to achieve academic success.

The effect on school performance wasn’t really that harsh. This means that the amount of gaming really did not change a child’s academic achievements.  

It can possibly take effect if the game you are playing emotionally affects you. It has been reported that 53% of the games played by first to third grade children contained violence, and this exposure to violence may lead to problematic mental health outcomes. Young students, that choose to play violent games, may have aggressive behavior in the future. 

“If your child is getting good grades and plays the game everyday, and still is nice and not disrespectful to his family and others. No it’s not a problem,” freshman Esayas Dula said.

Fortnite, Minecraft and GTA 5, are a few of the most popular games. The video game Fortnite is the most downloaded game of the last three years since its release. 

Video gamers were posting videos on social media about Fortnite. This game was played by people all around the world, especially the young children. Researchers say that people who play fortnite tend to spend six to ten hours per week on the game. There are some who even admitted to playing 21 hours a week.

“Video games do not affect school performance, because hobbies do not change priorities or affect it,” freshman Elyas Ahmed said.