Taylor Swift goes on tour

On August 2nd and 3rd, Taylor Swift is scheduled to come to Washington D.C.’s Verizon Center in honor of celebrating her fans and her third studio album, Speak Now.

The tour, which is named after the best-selling album, is scheduled to come across the nation, playing shows and meeting fans backstage. Swift had started the tour in Singapore, traveling to Asia and across Europe to promote her new album (released in October of 2010). Now, Swift is back in America and ready to give it her all for the fans that “have meant so much to her over the past five years” from the release of her first studio album in 2006.

The tour is scheduled to go until November 22nd, ending in New York, New York for an extensive five months. This will take Swift and her band mates across the nation once again.

The show, which  is the most artistic tour yet for Swift, consists of a set that includes live fireworks, a lift over the audience, embellished costume changes and a live play wedding scene for the song “Speak Now”. Swift even adds acrobats to this tour, which pop out of different places, including large bells during the song “Haunted”.

Further surprises will be in store.