Artist in the Spotlight: Paula Naanou

At a young age, sophomore Paula Naanou began playing the piano and has taken her love for the instrument to accompany her songwriting. Naanou’s original songs portray an indie-like feel with meaningful lyrics, such as in her original song, “Tonight”, in which she talks about wanting to be with someone despite barriers that they may encounter along the way.

Naanou was featured in the AHS Filament’s Annual Coffeehouse, where she debuted her artistic interpretation of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” and also performed in AHS’s 2011 Battle of the Bands.

Naanou’s advice for other songwriters: “It sometimes gets very frustrating throughout the songwriting process because of writer’s block, but if it happens just put it aside, save all of your ideas, and the words will come to you in time.”