Theater takes on Cinderella

Senior Danyom Beyene finds this spring one of the most bittersweet times of his life.

This musical may be his last time performing up on stage.

Beyene has been performing in musicals since he was 12 and has been a part of almost every musical at AHS during his time here.

Beyene tried out for his top choice, the prince, on Jan. 9.

Other students looking to try out were required to turn in all paperwork beforehand.

For the audition, students were asked to prepare a monologue of their choice.

Each audition lasted around 5 minutes, with the judges asking a series of questions revoling flexibility and dance abilities.

Students were also asked about their level of comfort performing specific scenes with performers of the opposite gender which got a few laughs from judges.

They were also given multiple songs to practice, one of which they would be asked at random to sing a few measures of for the judges.

With a total of roughly 35 students auditioning over the course of two days, the teachers had a lot of decisions to make.

Pat Vaughn, choir teacher here at AHS, is beyond excited to be apart of  the musical directing of what he calls an “absolute classic.”

Vaughn is looking very forward to this this musical and had a lot to say.

“I just love the music in Cinderella and it’s just a classic story of love and kindness and ethic and there’s a lot of truths that you can take from the musical and use it in your life students will not only enjoy performing, but be able to use what they have learned in everyday.”

Although this will be Vaughn’s first year as the choir teacher, he is no beginner when it comes to musicals.

Vaughn has directed over 30 different musicals.

Dirrecting along with Pat Vaughn, Katherine Brunburg, will be teaching the elements of the musical such as stagework and acting.

The musical will take place the week after spring break in April. The musical will be performed in our very own auditorium.

There will be four performances taking place. One performance on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday will have one regular time as well as a matinee show.

Once auditions have taken place, after a few days students will be called back for further audition or questioning.

Vaughn described the type of students they were looking for in the musical, “Commitment, people that come that are ready to work hard and that do what they are told and actually work outside of rehearsal, outside of class.”

Fortunately, the AHS Theater Company will not need to complete fundraising in order to make the play happen.

Because Cinderella is a classic as well as  a Disney movie, it appeals to people of all ages.

Parents, teens, and kids, can all look forward to the musical. This is another reason why this musical was chosen. “

“We’re trying to build an audience so little kids can come see this such as middle, high school, college and adults and it appeals to everybody not just one certain group of people.” Vaughn said.

Students are just as excited to be performing as teachers are about directing.

Beyene, finds himself constantly reminicising about all the good memories that come with performing.

Beyene also hopes to be casted one of the three male leads: prince being his first choice.  With Cinderella having such a wide variety of roles, chances of being a part of the cast is greater.

The positions needed for this play go beyond just acting. The directors are also looking for dancers as well as gymnasts. Many extras are needed in order to make the Disney classic as realistic as possible.

“Plays take a lot of commitment, so if you’re lucky to be apart of one, you should put your best effort into every performance.” Beyene said.

Cinderella, like any other musical, is going to take a lot of work in order to be successful.

With effort and determination of our students and teachers, they will work to make it one of the best performances yet.

“It’s my senior year and it may be my last time performing. I’m hoping to have a good time performing with my friends up on stage and giving it my all.” Beyene said.