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Practice begins for ‘ Radium Girls ‘


The new play, ‘Radium Girls’, has made its way to the stage this fall season.  The play takes a perspective on a historical occurrence that occurred back in the 1920s. 

“The play focuses on the women dial painters who worked in factories back in the 1920s, during World War One. Featuring various science based topics in the play such as the chemical, peace, radiation, cells, etc.” said  Art Director Adriana Bustamante. 

Performers are working weekly after school on Monday and Thursday in order to properly prepare for this upcoming performance. Performers have been going through the story lines, as not all Performers have been assigned a role. However, many are practicing acting techniques, strategies and working together to help each other improve to create remarkable performance. 

As auditions took place, many performers prepared with different monologues and practiced between other performers to ensure their performance was up to par.

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“ I talked to other performers who’ve been in previous school plays and they would share their techniques with me and one of my friends in performing arts. One of my friends would look at my monologue and give us feedback and we would try to memorize it.  I didn’t memorize my monologue so I had to read off and improvise because I kept forgetting but it was just trying to convey that emotion and trying different ways to see what fits best” said junior Lisa Rahman.    


During the duration of the rehearsals, performers were able to practice different skills and techniques by doing improvisation exercises. “It’s been good we’ve really just barely gotten into the process but it’s really fun to go through some acting techniques and strategies before we get into the actual blocking and running of the show,” said senior Adam Michelman. Along with technical acting practices, performers were able to overview the story’s theme and discuss amongst themselves. “We also talk a lot about things like, the themes of the show, and the messages so we’re able to have fun while still taking the show seriously, as it should be taken,” said senior Kaya Thomas.

              Many performers are making their way back onto the stage. Senior Nhu Nguyen has participated in three shows with ATC and is happy to get back performing. 

    “As a senior this year,  I’ve been really busy so honestly this is only the first day and this is my second rehearsal so far, but it’s really fun. It’s good energy.” said Nguyen.

        Michelman will be presenting as Von Sochocky, the inventor of the radium paint that is used in the show. 

    “So far It’s been good. I’m getting to know everybody. We have a lot of new faces and it’s really fun to meet all the new people joining. We’ve really just barely gotten into the process but it’s really fun to go through some of the acting of the show.” said Michelman.

In addition to preparations within the performers, there have been discussions about the technical set up. As a little sneak peak to the upcoming play, performers teased the astonishing set up that will be displayed in the play. 

 “Really fun intricate lighting things,” said senior Kaya Thomas. “Lots of fun costume color palettes and I’m also really excited to see how the audience reacts to it.” 

   Actors, tech and teachers are looking forward to  working together to make this production come to life.  Being able to participate in a preparation for a production is one of many ways to get more involved in a community with a shared interest. 

      “Once we get the crew ready, I think it will be a labor of , how do we all make, not just my vision. But  the piece[ Radium Girls]  comes to life in the sense that works for Annandale high” said Bustamante.

       The performers for this play are putting in an enormous amount of effort into this production.

    They hope you will come by to enjoy the show in November. 

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