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The double life of IB student, Annabelle Lee


Flashes. Cameras. Eccentric outfits.


Among the workload of IB classes and the glamor of modeling, Annabelle Lee defies expectations as her double life unfolds on the pages of IB textbooks and in the spotlight of the modeling world. 

Lee first started modeling in the winter of 2022.

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Just like any other AHS student, Lee wakes up, goes to school, eats, workouts, eats again and then sleeps.  Her weekly schedule, similar to her daily routine, is almost exactly the same each week. 

“ I follow a workout split and work at least twice a week teaching math to children,” said Lee. 

But on some occasions her consistent routines are interrupted by a photo shoot. 

“With that being said, on the days I have photo shoots, it’s impossible to expect to be able to follow any sort of schedule,” Lee added. 

“I’m usually on set for anywhere between 5-8 hours, which is why I always finish my homework beforehand and workout that morning before the photo shoot.”

Modeling, the work of a fashion model has always been something Lee has been somewhat close to.

 When Lee was a little girl, she always loved clothes and makeup and now as a senior doing modeling, she loves the freedom and ability to express herself. 

She has also always enjoyed pursuing a career in business, making modeling the best of both worlds. She’ll be seen in fashion magazines from upcoming and new minority brands in NYC, highlighting new upcoming artists as herself. Though the photo shooting process can be overwhelming, she enjoys the process and is very open to new concepts.

“When you have all that makeup on with crazy hair and clothes, all you want to do is wear some sweats. But more recently, I’ve definitely enjoyed “dressing up” a little more,” said Lee. “I wouldn’t say I’ve really stepped out of my comfort zone because I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing any type of clothing. However, one of my photo shoots was super colorful and playful, which was definitely out of the norm for me.”

Within the various photo shoots Lee has taken part in varying in themes, one stood out as her favorite. “I would say my favorite photo shoot is my most recent one. The photos are not yet released, but the vibe on set was incredible and definitely the most relaxed thus far,” said Lee. 

With different photo shoots and different themes there also come differences in length. Her longest photo shoot took almost 11 hours. Despite the amount of time it took, Lee still enjoys the process and is open to all styles out of her norm.

“However, I genuinely love everything that this job entails, so I really wouldn’t mind having to work for an entire day if I had to,” said Lee.

Being an IB student and a model alongside other extracurriculars has come with its own challenges.  

“Honestly, I can’t even say that I “handle” it. I am so ready for winter break because balancing modeling with being in IB is really tough,” said Lee. “My parents have always told me that if I want it that badly, I would do whatever it takes, which is the mentality I used when I played competitive tennis. I think having a “sporty” mindset in life has helped me a lot.”

Not only has Lee been able to balance her responsibilities as a student, extracurriculars and modeling but she has also had time to partner with a multitude of incredible brands.

“I’ve worked with some other 

 incredible brands as well, but I genuinely can not remember all of them. Usually, the stylist just puts stuff on you and you don’t even know what you’re wearing,” said Lee. 

Lee is also currently in partnership with brand VibSzn jewelry, a company which sells gold plated and personalized accessories.

“I am currently partners with VibSzn jewelry, which I am obsessed with,” said Lee. 

“A lot of people think I just say that because I work with them, but I actually reached out to them first in hopes of working as partners.”

Additionally, she gets paid for her time in the studio, “ I get paid depending on the photo shoot but money isn’t my main focus but rather the experience I gain,” said Lee.

Along with her “sporty” mindset influenced by her parents, she is inspired by social issues in the modeling industry. 

“I’ve always been passionate about equality and social activism, which is my main driving force when working in this industry,” said Lee.

 “ My goal is to use my education and experience to raise awareness about equal representation in an industry that is “all about looks.” 

With the modern generation Lee believes addressing social issues are not only for one given occupation.

 “Nowadays, social issues are addressed in many different occupations. I don’t see why that should not apply in the fashion industry as well,” said Lee.

For her future ambitions, her dream is to walk on the runway because of the lack of Asian representation she has viewed among runway models. 

Additionally, she hopes to walk in the New York Fashion Week, the forefront of the evolution of American fashion, preferably for a smaller, minority fashion designer.

 “Walking for the “big brands” would be great, but I hope to shine some light on upcoming brands as well,” said Lee.


Feel free to follow Annabelle Lee on Instagram (@ annabellelee_37) and support her by using her code ALEE06 at checkout on VibSzn jewelry!

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