Project X receives a failing grade


Project X is like the less entertaining, teen version of The Hangover.

The plot of the film is ridiculously unoriginal. The film follows Thomas, an average teenager with zero popularity. His friends, like him also have a lack of popularity and desperation for notoriety.  With the hopes of winning over some girls and gaining popularity in the process, Thomas and his two friends Costa and JB decide to throw a party.

Obviously things don’t go as planned. Their small get together quickly turns into an all out rager. The fact that fifty people seemed to turn into five hundred in a matter of minutes taking over the whole block almost also seems unrealistic in a way that is not entertaining or humorous.

Because of the rapid and high energy filming style of the movie, the only images you can process are of drunk teenage girls with little to no clothing on. Also, the filming style makes it hard to get any sense of the characters, even the main characters Thomas, Costa and JB. But, when the film slows down enough for you to grasp the characters I find it difficult to like any of them, especially Costa, who is a racist jerk who screams nothing but profanities throughout the film. Thomas, the lead in the film, is barely likable as well, his awkwardness and ignorance got very annoying towards the end.

When the film finally comes to an end with the SWAT team arriving and news choppers flying overhead. Thomas’ only options seem to be run and get caught later or get caught now. But, all he does is flip off the news chopper, the point of the gesture debatable.

The anti-climatic ending seems to be the cherry on top of the terrible movie. I wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone. The vulgarity and profanity of the film is neither funny nor entertaining. What I do recommend about this film, is the soundtrack. Although some of the songs were unnecessarily played, hearing songs such as  Candy by Far East Movement featuring Pitbull, Blow Up by J Cole, Over (Hyper Crush Remix) by Drake and Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) by Kid Cudi prevented me from walking out and demanding a refund. For a full list of the songs featured in the film click here, otherwise don’t see this film. There are plenty of other films out like The Lorax, you can never go wrong with Dr. Seuss.