Four horror movies to watch with your friends

Terrifyingly perfect picks

As the fall season comes in full swing and the weather gets colder, having a horror movie night with your friends is just what the season calls for. So if you and your friends are stuck in the seemingly endless loop of trying to find the perfect horror movie that can still make you laugh, check out these four perfect for the occasion. This list of movies is perfect for physiological thriller lovers that still love the shocking events of classic horror films. These films are full of jaw dropping, mind blowing and nail biting moments. The movies include Scream, a cult classic and one of the most well known and influential horror movie franchises of its time. Varvinium, Get out and the visit are all amazing psychological thrillers that will have you thinking about them for weeks.


Scream (1996)

One year after the main character Sidney Prescott’s mother died from an unknown killer. A new killer is on the loose in the same town after a teenager girl and her boyfriend are murdered by an unknown ghost faced masked killer, using horror films as part of a deadly game. After the killer tires coming after Sydney, she tries to escape and find out who the killer is, and it might not be the person you’d expect…. or people


Varvinium (2019)

When a young couple decides to begin their hunt for a new home. The beautiful house and neighborhood their real estate agent shows then turns into anything but, as all the surrounding houses begin to look identical. As they try to leave the road takes them back on an endless loop in the array of identical housing. The couple has to try to escape the inescapable or adapt and form to their new lives.


Get Out (2017)

A cult classic American physiological thriller that centers around Chris and his visit to his white girlfriend’s family. As he begins to notice weird and conserving behavior from his girlfriend’s family he realizes this trip was far from what he thought it was; he has to escape the horrific family and fight for his own survival and sanity.


The Visit (2015)-

When Becca’s mom takes her and her younger brother, Tyler on a week-long stay to their grandparents house after she receives a message from her parents asking if they could meet their grandchildren. Becca makes a documentary about her stay with her grandparents, but as the film progresses Becca and Tyler begin to notice conserving behavior from their grandparents and begin to wonder if they will ever make it home.