Catching Fire stuns viewers


Suspense, drama, love, and action. In the new Hunger Games movie Catching Fire that premièred on Nov. 21, all these genres are harmoniously meshed together to create a story so good it’s almost as suspenseful as the book.
In this sequel to The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence returns to once again play Katniss Everdeen, and in the story, she retaliates against the Capitol in order to survive. Not only does she go into a war with the government, she also faces an internal war by trying to balance out her decisions that could effect her family, and possibly all of Panem. With plot twists you would never expect, I guarantee you’ll be on the edge of your seat.
The best part about this movie, was the ending and its amazing special effects, and breathtaking scenery. The setting I liked most was the arena because of the strong detail it had and how well it complemented the scenery of the story. Not only the arena, but also the entire story matched so well with what I thought about when I read the book. This quality is something that I look for whenever I watch a movie that is based off of a book. So I thought that this movie far surpassed my expectation. One thing that I honestly didn’t truly like was the beginning. I feel it passed by too quickly and there was a lot of detail left out, and this can confuse anybody that has read or hasn’t read the books. But even though the few overlooked details, everything else was near perfect, especially the actors. They all played their characters to the tee and as usual, I was extremely impressed with how they handled themselves in the movie. I have to admit that my favorite scene was definitely the ending because it’s where the entire plot unravels- you will definitely not be disappointed.
I’d rate this movie with an A- because it did have some of the major details missing from the book but the director still managed to keep the movie interesting and audiences engaged.