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The Online Edition of the Annandale High School Newspaper.

The A-Blast

Top six rap songs

Carnival-kanye west 

Redrum-21 savage

Fien-travis scott

First person shooter-drake

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Surround sound


These top six rap songs are currently the most streamed and most popular of their genre. Some of these songs are from recently released albums and others are still holding their ground from past releases. The songs have come from big name artists like Kanye west to Travis Scott and have big time collabs such as Drake featuring J.Cole. These songs have all charted and continue to hold their popularity.  



Sung by Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign and features Rich the kid and playboi carti, the song is opened with chants by inter Milan fans. Carnival is off the collaboration album between Kanye west and Ty Dolla $ign, the song is currently one of the top streamed songs of the billboard hot 100. In the  song Ye sampled one of his past songs “Hell of life” from his album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.   Throughout the song Ye mentions people like Taylor Swift and compares himself to Bill cosby and Puff Daddy. The lyrics mentioned by the artist in the track  highlight their achievements, their encounters with attractive partners, and their ability to live a life of luxury.



Redrum off of 21 Savage’s latest album “American Dream”, was the leading single of the album. The song samples “Serenata do Adeus” by Brazilian singer Elza Laranjeria. The song title “Redrum” is in reference to the 1980 classic horror film “The shining” which also gets sampled later in the song. The song “Redrum” by 21 Savage explores themes of violence, street credibility, and unreserved ambition. Overall, it’s a dark and angry composition. The song’s lyrics vividly depict a rapper who isn’t hesitant to declare his authority and take on his enemies head-on.



The song “fein” by Travis Scott and featuring Playboi carti, the two finally reunite after their 2018 single “love hurts”. With the two’s collaboration on the song they launch a new soundscape from previous collabs. The two test out different vocal ranges with Travis Scott going high and Playboi Carti going low. While acknowledging the demands of success and his ever-present attention, Travis Scott expresses his emphasis on the future and his wish to savor the present. For fans of both performers, the song stands out due to its addictive energy and repeating chorus and appealing ad-libs.


First Person Shooter

“First person shooter” charted at #1 on  the billboard hot 100 and became the 13th #1 charted song for Drake tied with Michael Jackson. The song features J.Cole and was released off of Drake’s 8th studio album “For All the Dogs” . Both Drake and J.Cole showcase their unique styles and talents and are shown in both parts of the song. The song discusses the continuous arguments and conflicts in the music business in addition to touching on themes of rivalry, success, and confidence.



Breathe by Yeat coming off his fourth studio album “2093” is a song that seems confident and superior. The lyrics throughout the song represent a sense of power and control as well as reaching on the theme of success and wealth.He is just out there to hustle, make it big, and disprove all of his haters. He could care less about what they have to say. Overall, Yeat’s song “Breathe” conveys an assured and unrepentant attitude. Themes like power, achievement, and indifference to the thoughts or feelings of others are all explored. A sense of supremacy and a desire for even greater accomplishments are reflected in the lyrics.


Surround sound

Even after two years of being released, “Surround Sound” still remains on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was the leading single that came off of JID’s third studio album “The Forever Story” and was the first collaboration between JID and 21 Savage. The song opens up with a sample of Aretha Franklin’s “One Step Ahead” and is looped and continued throughout the duration of the song. It examines issues including success, living on the streets, and the difficulties black musicians have in the music business. Each artist contributes their distinct approach and style, creating a lively and captivating sound. The pair will be touring the U.S. and Canada starting May 1, 2024 on 21 Savage’s American Dream tour.


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