Saving Mr. Banks movie review


The story of how Mary poppins was made in the new movie “saving Mr Banks” both surprised me and delighted me. The movie follows the writer )P.L. Tavers) of Mary Poppins and how it got developed into the movie by Walt Disney while also reflecting back on her troubled childhood.
Between the opening scene starting with a piano rendition of the song “Chim Chim Cher-ee” and ending with the famous song “Let’s go Fly. A Kite”, the movie consisted of many of the traditional Mary Poppins songs. And if you’re a big Mary Poppins fan, I guarantee you that it will bring a smile from to your face.
Emma Thompson had a phenomenal role playing P.L (Pamela) Travers, the writer of the original Mary Poppins. Thompson who is usually plays the serious roles in her other movies had more of a light spirited character. Thompson portrayed Travers perfectly from the tapes that were played at the end of the movie. I can not stress enough at how much her role impressed me.
As for Tom Hanks, who plays Walt Disney, was amazing as well. He truly enveloped who Walt Disney was, including Disney’s inner child.
Many of the supporting actors, including the duo that plays Robert and Richard Sherman were incredibly fun to watch and when the mood needed to be uplifted, they were there with their smiles and sarcastic comments.
Even though someone would think that this movie isn’t a tear jerker, it is. Which I have to say I didn’t expect and didn’t necessarily like, but it did fit in perfectly with the story.
Overall I thought this story was fantastic and portrayed what happened in real life fantastic. I give this movie an A, because every actor/ actress are fantastic as well as the story just being entertaining to watch.