Netflix originals take over students’ lives

Streaming services like Netflix are making it easier to binge watch


Christian Reyes and Nicolle Uria

For students, binge watching is a very easy thing to do considering that procrastination plays a key role in our daily lives. Watching one episode before starting homework could lead to you finishing the season and going to sleep. Recently, one of the most talked about and binge watched shows by students currently and exclusively on Netflix is Black Mirror. With the release of six new episodes on the new season, there is no doubt that students will be binge watching. Black Mirror is also a Netflix original web series.

“I like to watch Law and Order Special Victims Unit because I like how each episode is a different plot.” Freshman Nia Collins. Among students, the most popular and talked about shows are Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and Riverdale. Netflix advertises their own series frequently, making it easier for procrastinating students to give in. Netflix also has many different series that are about Marvel characters. They have had success with their Marvel-Netflix shows like The Punisher, Daredevil, and Luke Cage. Appealing to a large group of fans, these shows are increasingly popular among students who grew up watching other Marvel characters.

One of the most popular Marvel-Netflix shows that students have binge watched is The Punisher. It is really easy to watch episodes considering that there are added skip intros buttons and watch next episode buttons. Tools like these make it a lot easier to just watch the show and forget about what else was going on. Another show students seem to be interested in is Narcos. Narcos is a Netflix original series and is very popular among students at Annandale who speak spanish considering that the show is a mix of spanish and english. “I like the show Netflix because its fun and I learn a lot of history about the drug cartels on the show.” said Freshman Dre Rovalino, who is a fan of Narcos,

New to Netlflix is a downloading option for anyone who wants to watch a specific show or movie without wi-fi.This was big news to students, because Netflix was temporarily blocked from school laptops and all devices over the public school wifi. This new feature allowed students to continue watching their favorite shows without the wifi block or without the school monitoring what they were watching.

Since 2014, top cable companies like Cox, Verizon, and Directv have lost a substantial amount of business due to streaming devices like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and now HBO with new movies and shows up to date, and there is no question why: students, who make up the majority of cable watchers, are moving on to shows they can easily watch on their phones in class or on the go in between classes.