Atlanta returns for a second season


Christian Reyes, Entertainment Editor

Donald Glover’s Atlanta has returned for its second season. Season 2 premiered on March 1. “I’m really excited for this new season, since the last season was almost two years ago” senior Grace Hatch said. Along with a new title, Atlanta Robbin’ Season, the show is set at a different time period.

Instead of the usual summer time vibe that is given off in the first season, this new season will take place during the winter time. This change can be due to a different theme of the new season compared to the last.

The first season is about Earnest, played by Donald Glover, trying to make it as his cousin’s manager. His cousin is a rapper named Paperboy who is famous for his self-titled one hit wonder, “Paperboy.”  This new season seems to have a darker theme to it, considering it is set during the winter. Besides the overall theme of the new season, a huge focus of Atlanta is the music.

Donald Glover is well known to giving exposure to smaller artists like Xavier Wulf and Tay k.”I really like the intro music that is played at the start of each episode” junior Bilal Rasheed said.  Atlanta Robbin’ Season will be talked about for months after its last episode, so be the first to watch it now.

The newest Atlanta episode will premiere tomorrow, March 15.