Fortnite Season 3


Henry Hoang, People Editor

The game everyone has been hooked on has now released another season. Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3. This season comes with different rewards and a lot of new adventures in store. Like season 2, season 3 comes with a battle pass that has a total of six skins, instead of four. But now, Epic Games added 30 more tiers, for those that grind in this game.  Season 3 started off with a level reset for all of the players. With this reset, the company aimed to add new features that haven’t existed before.

“I like how the new additions of this game really sparked an interest into me,” freshman TJ Hutnan said. “It shows that the Fortnite staff really listened when they asked for skydiving trails.” Those that have stuck around for season 3 are in for a surprise because there are different LTM (Limited Time Game Modes) such as Solid Gold and the new upcoming game mode called “5 Teams of 20”.

“The past game modes that Fortnite has released has always been fun,” Hutnan said. “There was a game mode I really liked and so did my friends.” Fortnite has taken everybody by storm. First releasing in July of last year, it has been in the media just recently. “I haven’t really played games like this a lot,” freshman Jason Kim said. “But ever since I tried it, I’ve loved it ever since.”
With the John Wick costume being the last skin you unlock at tier 100, don’t be the last of your friends to get it.