Netflix’s new ‘OITNB’ junior


Nicolle Uria, Entertainment Editor

On March 1st, Netflix released a new show called “Girls Incarcerated” following girls who were sent to a juvenile detention center due to bad behavior such as getting arrested, doing drugs and murder. Each girl has a released date, however, if they do not complete the program they are held back. Some girls are there for such as two years or six months, following rules and adapting to life incarcerated.
Girls Incarcerated may make for an entertaining, emotional rollercoaster of a binge-watch, but it’s likely you’ll find yourself wondering about these girls’ uncertain futures by the time you’ve finished – and how many other girls like them are out there. Netflix has so far released one season to see how far the show will go.
If you like ‘Orange is the New Black” then you will like this show.