Venom is a perfectly average superhero movie

Eyob Dagnachew, Staff Writer

When Sony announced that they would be making a Venom movie I was genuinely excited because Venom is my favorite Spiderman villain. However, I remembered that Sony never had the best history with Spiderman in recent years but even with that in mind, I was hopeful that it would be a good movie.

Although Venom did do poorly with Rotten Tomatoes, I completely disagree with them because I still had a really good time watching it.

I think the best part about this movie is the relationship between Eddy and Venom. It feels like you are watching a buddy cop movie when the movie focuses on them. another compliment to Tom Hardy’s acting is that he does a wonderful job of portraying a guy who caught in the plot of the movie.

Tom Hardy gave an exceptional performance and the visual-effects were eye-popping,” sophomore Johnny Rodriguez said.

The supporting cast, while not being that important, they did a good job of not being annoying and when they were on screen. I was not hoping that their screen time would end soon.  

One complaint I have about the movie is that the villain is pretty bland compared to the scenes that he is in, he drags the plot and makes the movie seem more one-dimensional than it really is.

With a character like Venom,  who is always covered in a black ink-like substance, translating that into a movie requires a lot of visual effects and I can thankfully say that the visual effects were really good with Venom looking very lifelike and fluid. Even though this movie was no Avengers Infinity war or Black Panther, I think the main reason it got very mixed reviews was that Venom is good for different reasons. While Avengers and Black Panther offered a good story, Venom is more enjoyable because it offers dumb fun with some exciting action with engaging main characters.