Shy Glizzy continues DMV reign

Fully Loaded surfaces with unexpected features


Shy Glizzy represents his home town of Washington D.C. with vintage Washington Bullets shorts.

Wenslie T. Kodua, Staff Writer

Shy Glizzy recently released Fully Loaded. His album features a variety of artists such as Rick Ross, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, and many others.

Shy Glizzy has always felt overlooked in the hip-hop game. His recent album Fully Loaded is full of energy and he raps throughout his album and sings here and there.

He had a majority of collaborations and which made perfect sense as they blended very well. What intrigued most fans about this album was when they rapped instead of trying to be on key.

Shy Glizzy is a very intense artist. His music is respected just as much as his lyrics, if you listen carefully he raps about his past, being overlooked in the rap game and he raps about what he wants. This is important because it allows you to enter his world and be engaged as much as possible.

This project featuring 19 tracks is by far one of the top albums of the year. He’s been eager to get all the attention as much as possible since day one. This album is a true showcase of his effort.

“Shy Glizzy is from the DMV and he represents the area well. He speaks against violence and turns his inspirational words into a nice rap song that can be related to,” sophomore Taylor Poe said.

“Do you understand” is the most noted song on the album it features Tory Lanez who did a number on this feature and incorporated various aspects when it comes to tone. The video matches the vibe of the song as to how laid back it is.

Shy Glizzy has a unique style in regard to song structure, many times delivering lengthy hooks that work really well with his strong delivery. Fully Loaded is a strong release from Glizzy that ranks high in his current discouragement towards himself.

Nevertheless, Glizzy is a unique figure in hip-hop. He tends to rap emotionally when he makes music. “Gimmie A Hit” is a great way to better understand the way he raps, as it displays Glizzy’s rapping about his come up, his motivation towards money and the ways of the street.

What makes his album fascinating is the balance between his life of luxury and the life behind it all. Through his music, he raps about how he came to be, where he is now, the struggle it took to get there. He also talks about how he is grateful to be receiving his awards slowly but surely.

On his track “Gimme a Hit”, he raps about how he made it. Well enough for his kid not to go through the struggle, he’s had to rob from others and starve himself. He carries his past with pride without it he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Being overlooked is truly an understatement and Shy Glizzy continues to impress the public with each and every release. All throughout Fully Loaded, Glizzy showcased his story in a diverse way.