Pixel 3 arrives amid busy tech season

Eyob Dagnachew, Staff Writer

Google’s flagship arrives with a disappointing hardware where it is becoming more important. In Google’s event, they talked about the software features that the Pixel has but barely talked about any of the hardware that the phone features.

While the software on this phone is amazing and is probably years ahead of any other phone the question remains, can amazing software make up for average hardware?

The software that the Google Pixel 3 has is the most advanced on any smartphone right now with many of its features focusing on making the camera better.

On top of keeping the software that made the Pixel stand out, Google added Some new features such as an adaptive battery that learns your behavior to limit battery on apps.

Another feature of the Pixel line of phones is that they use software for features that are usually only possible through hardware.

A perfect example of this is zooming for their cameras. Usually, if you wanted a better zoom you would add a second lens dedicated to zooming. The Pixel instead uses a feature where it takes a burst of photos (that are slightly different because of the shaking of your hand) and combines them into a zoomed in a photo with better quality

While the Pixel 3 stands out in terms of software, the hardware is average in comparison to other phones that came out this year. An example of this is the processor powering the Pixel which is the same one in many of the other phones that came out this year.