Call of Duty vs Fortnite

Call of Duty vs Fortnite

Siryet Girma, Staff Writer

Is Call of Duty the new Fortnite? The new mobile Call of Duty was released on October 1, 2019. People that play Fortnite are now switching to Call of Duty mobile because of many different reasons. The two games are competing against each other. 

Fortnite originally came out in 2017. It became popular all over the world in 2018. Millions of people played it from 2017-2018 but the numbers have been drastically going down because of the new mobile Call of Duty. 

Call of Duty has precise gunplay and movement, unlike Fortnite. It also has a variety of maps but there are still some cons for this game. Some cons of Call of Duty are that the content is unclear, high price for battle royale. 

Most people prefer Call of Duty over Fortnite for these reasons. “Call of Duty has better graphics because Fortnite has cartoon-like graphics. Fortnite is also infested with annoying little kids” junior Mariam Ahmadi said. 

“In my opinion, Call of Duty mobile is way more fun and the money you pay for battle royale is worth it. I played Fortnite a lot before, but now that Call of Duty mobile came out, I play that way more” junior Jocelin Rivera said. 

Even though Call of Duty battle royale is more expensive it is worth it to most of the people that play it because of the better quality and better additions.