Lizzo responds to rumors about plagiarism with a lawsuit

Siryet Girma, Staff Writer

Melissa Jefferson, also known as Lizzo, was born in Michigan but she grew up in Texas where her music career began. She is known for being in many hip-hop groups, such as The Chalice and Grrrl Prty. She gained fame from her song “Truth Hurts,” which soon became #1 on Billboard 100 on September 10.

The national anthem for women may have not been written by Lizzo. There have been many accusations claiming that the singer stole the lyrics and music for the song “Truth Hurts”. Justin and Jeremiah Raisen and Justin “Yves” Rothman are the brothers that claim that the singer Lizzo copied their song “Healthy”.

The brother accused Lizzo by saying “After reaching out to [‘Truth Hurts’ co-writer and co-producer] Ricky Reed and Lizzo’s team about fixing it, we put the song in dispute in 2017 when it came out. We’ve tried to sort this out quietly for the last two years, only asking for [five percent] each but were shut down every time.”

Lizzo responds to this accusation by creating a lawsuit. The lawsuit stated “The Raisens did not write any part of the material in question; they did not come up with the idea of including the lyric in the unreleased demo; they did not help Lizzo decide how to sing the lyrics in the unreleased demo; and they do not co-own that work.”