Top 5 Christmas movies

Students list out their top 5 Christmas movies to watch over the winter break


This was the top picked movie by the students with a vast majority choosing Polar Express as their top 5 movie.

As the winter season comes, students prepare for the long break with a lot of time on their hands.
Many students tend to go on vacation on the break, but others stay home and do other activities.

“I go on vacation maybe once every three months,” senior Vincent Nguyen said. “It’s because my family likes to travel a lot.”
With a lot of time on their hands, many can get bored and start binge watching on Netflix or Youtube.
To help with the struggle, we have made a poll for the top Christmas movies.

We put a list of the best rated and favorites tat the students have. Students picked five out of the list and we have put a breakdown of the top voted movies.

Many movies that are listed range from different age levels and the years they were released as well. Wide varieties of movies gave a selection for students to choose from when they took the poll. Over 90 student’s responses were recorded and the polls have gave a clear top 5 winner.

“I voted,” senior Mahmoud Osman said. “He asked me to vote and it was simple and quick.”
Out of the different genres from drama to comedy, the students had a clear favorite. Comedy Christmas movies were very popular.

Obviously the silly nature of many of these films has made them favorites among students.

“Christmas movies are my favorite,” junior Isabella Rodas said. “The Polar Express has to be my favorite because of the adventure and fantasy feeling it gives.”