Three juniors become YouTube stars


Mohammed Omer goes into the studio for one more verse.

In a world full of online entertainment, AHS students are putting their names into the mix.

Ramy Osman, Mohammad Omer, Alsir Omer and Monzir Ibrahim created the YouTube channel BoutPaper Media in early July.

The group of friends met each other in elementary school and have been inseparable ever since. They have always felt they were funny and interesting enough to create a YouTube channel.

The trio believes that with their unique personalities and diversity, they could make others laugh.

BoutPaper has a very simple approach to their videos.

“We like living our lives and having the camera rolling,” Osman said.

While the main idea is to get the cameras rolling, they have also made challenge videos, public interviews and pranks. They have also acquired a successful following. They now have 453 YouTube subscribers and 846 followers  on their Instagram account, @boutpapermedia.

They have recently created a new Instagram page called Boutpaper Records to promote their new music. The group has set their eyes on the music industry to help them on their way to fame. They bought studio equipment in the hopes of making their own music.

“Our goal is to get to the point where we could release music on a weekly basis for our fans,” Osman said.

They are also looking for other people to record in their studio.

“While we want to promote our music, we also want to help other people to pursue their music careers,” Omer said.

Their music began when they would record off of a laptop using simple beats off of the Internet. They felt they could turn that into serious music, so they purchased equipment and began recording. However, the music industry is not the end of their goals.

They also hope to create a brand off of their name. Clothing is another business they wish to pursue. They want to make clothing that is sold in limited stock at a high quality.

“We want to give our clothes a Supreme feeling. I want people to notice when someone is wearing BoutPaper clothing,” Osman said.

They also want to try and start a marketing business, where they could promote other people. With a hopefully well established brand, Boutpaper could help other people become successful as well.

“We get inspiration from people like Nipsey Hussle. He worked his way up to the top and still tried to help other people,” Osman said.

When asked what their ultimate goal is, BoutPaper wants name recognition from their YouTube, as well as a strong company behind them.

“Getting 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, starting our clothing brand and taking clients for our music company are some of our short term goals,” Osman said.

In the long term, they hope to reach 1,000,000 subscribers and start their marketing company with employees working for them.

For now, BoutPaper has a humble beginning but keep watching because they are on the rise.