Lil Durk pays homage in “The Voice”

Lil Durk dropped his album “The Voice” on Dec. 24, which paid tribute to King Von who recently got murdered. This album was one of Durk’s best: he was raw, he spoke his truth and talked about his past.

In his song, “To Be Honest,” he talks about how he overcame a drug addiction. He also talks about how he reacted to being rich, saying that he is still “cheesin” (smiling). In “Death Ain’t Easy,” the song starts with a snippet of King Von which Lil Durk uses to set the mood and talk about losing friends and trying to be a good role model for his son.

This song is one of my favorites because he opens up and tells us that even though he had a rough childhood and lost friends to violence and drugs, that he still made it, but it is not any easier. My favorite song overall is “Still Trappin’” featuring King Von because they both sound upbeat and happy as if they’re in a happy place.

Overall, this album was his best yet. You can hear his raw emotion and truth and can tell he didn’t hold anything back. One thing I loved is how he used the songs to tell his fans his pain and what he dealt with and how he’s dealing with death. The fact that it is a tribute album to King Von and also features Von makes it even better. I would recommend this album to King Von and Lil Durk fans or really anyone who enjoys rap.