Students continue to watch Netflix series’ despite long wait times

Certain Netflix content has found its way to truly connect with its viewers. Especially long-running series, eventually binge-watchers develop an emotional attachment to the storyline and fictional characters. The concluding of a season may result in post-binge depression and the denial of potential hopes of a new season.


Netflix original series has been shut down, delayed, or put on hold due to the current global spread of coronavirus. While states attempt to contain the pandemic, television productions in some cases can be the size of villages, in which production has been halted for the time being.


Many series including The Society, Stranger Things, and Money Heist have significantly connected with students.


“I was hooked on to the show, but it left me on a cliffhanger. It is sad to hear The Society is being canceled, but I’m pleased to know Netflix is taking Covid-19 precautions”, said Junior Fatu Kalokoh. 


The Society was well-liked by Netflix, unfortunately during pre-production Covid-19 broke out in the states. Challenges arose when safety measures led to an increased budget to keep many cast members safe. Keyser the creator of the Society decided to halt production of season 2 later expressed “it was the hardest thing I had to do in decades” to be concluding the show on a cliffhanger. 


While certain series come to an end, many find their way to resuming production despite the pandemic and will slowly reach the screens globally. Producers are determined to take up the challenge of the pandemic and attempt to safely resume the production of highly viewed shows.


A Netflix original series that has received the greatest viewership numbers in its first days, Stranger Things resumes production for season four after a mild pause in production. Although season four will be renewed, the process of production is said to be “slower than usual”. Fans are expecting season four’s release sometime in 2021, but social media reveals in which the cast members come forward and confess their trendy show won’t be back for a while now.


“As a fan of Stranger Things, I’m sad the new season will take its time to release, but I definitely agree with the cast members following safety protocols to remain safe while doing their job”, said Junior Shada Ibrahim.

As of now, Money Heist is named the most-watched non-English title on Netflix, which confirmed season five as its final season. The series has delayed their confirmation of a new season for so long now, but fortunately, they will project a season five for those who aspire for more heists to come.


“Money Heist was one series that allowed me to get through quarantine and enjoy binge-watching all the heists with my family. I am looking forward to the finale season and glad the show was able to film”, said Freshman Lydia Hailu.


Netflix has formed a mechanism to carry on with the production of TV Shows amid the pandemic. Without the outcome of the resuming of Stranger Things and Money Heist, fans who are repeatedly left on cliffhangers would be let down. This way eager fans are satisfied and Netflix can continue to strive in the entertainment business.