Everything you need to know about the iOS 15 update


iOS15 is a new update on Apple devices from the iPhone 6 and newer. The software update includes adjustments to FaceTime, Maps, Safari, and notifications.

The new update comes with an all-new focus mode which allows you to set a mode on for home, work, and do not disturb. You can adjust what you want and you can set certain apps to allow notifications with this mode.

Another new feature is “Live Text,” which can let you copy and paste text from photos. Also, the camera app has new focus brackets.

Safari has gotten a complete redesign to accommodate people with small hands because now the search bar is on the bottom of the screen instead of the top.

The changes made to Safari are looking like they are going to bring Apple the most controversy after making huge changes to how the application was formatted before.

“iOS 15 is amazing”, junior Hadi Siddique said. “I like the fact that the weather app now shows the 10-day forecast. I hate Safari’s update because now the touch bar is on the bottom instead of the default top. I rate the new update a 7/10.”

Non-Apple users have reason to celebrate. Now with iOS 15, Android and Windows users can join a FaceTime video call, no iPhone is required. Spatial audio on FaceTime is now available and makes the voices in the video call sound as if they are coming from where the person is located on the screen. Share play is another new feature that allows users to see what other people in the call are seeing like shows, music, and Apple Music songs.

One of the biggest upgrades was to Apple Maps. Now the application has more elevation data, street colors and directions, more detailed labels, 3D landmarks, and an improved night mode. When walking or traveling by foot, with a new augmented reality feature, you can use the iPhone’s camera to scan nearby buildings in the area to determine your exact position and get more precise and visual directions.

The Find My iPhone app has gotten a new look and you can connect your air tags with it. It also has a feature where you can still view where your iPhone is when it’s powered off.

The wallet has a new feature where you can add a driver’s license or state ID to it, and soon will allow you to add vaccination cards. You can also add an electronic car key to your wallet if you have the new tesla.

Everyone’s favorite virtual assistant “Siri”, has also gotten a new update where you can tell Siri to share your screen with contact and it will take a screenshot and send it to whomever you choose. As well as Siri can now announce notifications from your iPhone.

Another app that went under redesign was the weather app. All-new animated backgrounds can now show the sun’s current position and can convey precipitation more accurately. As well as animated precipitation maps show the course of a storm and the intensity of the rain and snow ahead.

”I like the changes to the weather app,” sophomore TK Decareau said. “I dislike Safari having the search bar on the bottom. But I rate this update an 8/10.”

The health app comes with trends where you have the option to share your trends. You can also now share your health data, so you can share it with your doctor or a friend. The app also lets you log in your glucose levels if the user uses that information.

This software update is looking like it could be one of Apple’s best updates to their phone in a while. With bringing helpful and innovative technology to Apple user’s fingertips once again.