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Gender roles around the world

January 20, 2011

Since the beginning of time, man has had dominion over woman. Men were educated and worked, while women were left behind to take care of children and clean.  In a mainly patriarchal society and world, men and women took their...

ESOL teacher Susana Hatos talks about the transition from living in Hungary to living in the U.S.

Carola Rojas

January 7, 2011

Q. How did you plan on coming to the U.S from Hungary? A. I was introduced to a senator, Fulbright, who organized a Teacher Exchange Program. I’m living in the U.S on a grant while Mrs. Tomisato is living in Hungary. Q. H...

Unique traditional weddings

December 13, 2010

Weddings can be stressful to plan, as the multitude of options for a cake, reception and guest list can often be overwhelming. However, the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton may hold different stresses. They...

Coming from India through Sahejpal’s eyes

December 7, 2010

Would you like to see India through my eyes? I didn’t expect how my life would change after I immigrated to the United States. I noticed many differences when I came, such as culture, school and driving rules.  I would like...

Students recognize World AIDS day

Alex Brown

December 2, 2010

People across the globe are recognizing World AIDS day. “I found out about AIDS day when I saw other kids wearing ribbons,” junior Matthew Noelle said. The way most students showed support for the day was by wearing red ribbons,...

Update on Pakistan’s flood reveals that malnutrition is becoming an issue

October 31, 2010

           In the A-Blast’s second issue, Pakistan’s massive flood was covered. In an update on the flood, it seems as though people are still not getting enough relief, if they are getting any relief at all. “I...

Demonstrators in Tibet remind AHS students how much they value their First Amendment Rights

Colleen Adenan

October 22, 2010

Students may not be aware of it with the various rules that restrict their behavior in school, but they have many freedoms that they practice every day. Americans have what are called First Amendment Rights, rights given to them...

Abdullah Khilji’s personal story about the recent flood in Pakistan

Abdullah Khilji

September 30, 2010

There was a flood recently in the Northern area of Pakistan and went to the southern areas as well. There was an increase of rainfall which usually does not happen during the summer and the days were cool before the flood reached...

Should Imam Rauf continue the plan to build mosque?

September 23, 2010

Considering Imam Rauf is now deeply concerned for his own safety and thus refrains from going to NYC, should he continue the plans to build the Mosque?

Adjusting to a new life in America from Sierra Leone

Masallay Sesay

September 15, 2010

My name is Masallay Sesay. I am from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I have been in America for two years. These past two years have been a difficult time for me. Everything for me was very different. I had to learn a different language,...

Flood In Pakistan Leaves Thousands Homeless

K .L. Hoang

September 15, 2010

After nearly two months of massive flooding that hit Pakistan, the damage is still being felt. Aid camps are struggling to keep the victims orderly in addition to distributing food and care. The Pakistani people are trying to ad...

The differences between El Salvador and the U.S.

Gladis Chicas

June 2, 2010

Hi my name is Gladis. I am from El Salvador. I like to be in the U.S because in my country there are too many crimes .I think my life is better here. When I came here I had to say goodbye to my friends and family. We had to take...

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